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A Landscape with Fields or Fieldscape

A Landscape with Fields or Fieldscape

Artist: Alexander Graham Cairns-Smith

Catalogue: 102

Material: Oil on Canvas

Dimensions: 45.9x 61cm

Date: 1962, Acquired 1963, Gulbenkian Trust Grant

About the artwork

Landscape painted using thick, loose brushstrokes, using muted colours and thick dark outlines.

About the artist

Alexander Graham Cairns-Smith (born Kilmarnock, 1931- 2016) was an organic chemist and molecular biologist at the University of Glasgow, and an artist. He exhibited at the Royal Academy, and held several one-man shows, but gave up his artistic career to focus on his interest in evolution. He was taught by Denis Peploe, the son of the Scottish colourist Samuel Peploe, whilst at school, and went onto take classes at the Glasgow School of Art. He painted landscapes and abstracts, mainly in oil.