Seen something? Say something

Everyone has the right to be safe and well looked after

If you are worried that someone you know is being harmed or is at risk of harm, tell us, we can help

  • If your request is urgent and during normal working hours, call us on 01546 605517.
  • If your request is urgent and outwith normal working hours, or on a public holiday, call the social work emergency line on 01631 566 491  or 01631 569712.
  • If you think it is an emergency situation, you can call the police on 999
  • If your enquiry is not urgent, you can send us your enquiry using our social work enquiry form

Find out more

imageAct against harm is the Scottish Government website all about adult support and protection.

It has helpful information and videos about what harm is, and links to other organisations who can offer support and advice

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