Amenity Decking Project

Amenity Deck - before  Amenity Deck - after

The deck is located behind these buildingsNew steel beam

Work in progressWater proof membrane

Possibly our most complex project to date involving 21 flats and 9 commercial units.

The tenements at 40-48 Main Street, 1-21 Longrow South and 6-12 Union Street are serviced by a back court area amenity deck at first floor level that provides a drying area, refuse facilities and an amenity space for residents.  The deck also acts as a roof for 9 commercial units situated on the ground floor.

The structure was in sever disrepair leading to water ingress in a number of ground floor units including Boots UK and Macgochans Bar.

In April 2018 owners were served with Defective Building Notices and in 2019 we secured a package of funding to deliver a £236,000 contract to replace the decking.

The project has helped safeguard 21 homes, 9 ground floor businesses and over 30 jobs.