Argyll and Bute offers an excellent work-life balance. Unemployment rates are below the national average and self-employment rates are above the Scottish average.

The key sectors of our economy include renewable energy manufacturing and generation, marine sciences, marine services, quality food and drink including agriculture and aquaculture, tourism, creative industries including film and forestry. The public sector organisations operating across Argyll offer opportunities in a range of fields including public administration, education, health and the emergency services.

Discover more about working in Argyll and Bute in our jobs section and read about some of the people who have chosen to develop their careers in Argyll and Bute, below.

Jillian Brown

Jillian Brown is PA to the Chief Executive of Argyll and Bute Council and works in a fast-paced, ever changing environment.Jillian Brown

She relocated to the area with her fiancé in 1991 and has since put down roots deeper than the local lochs.

Since taking up this current post in 2001, Jillian has worked with three chief executives, running the office, managing diaries, arranging briefings and liaising with internal departments and external agencies.

It’s a job where no two days are the same and the best laid plans can change on a single phone call.

Jillian explained: “Every day is a challenge and I find that really exciting. I have good procedures in place, which helps, but you still need to be able to adapt to change. The pressure can be hard but you have to be able to enjoy what you do.

“Having a good work life balance keeps you grounded so I go to the gym and walk. Exercise keeps you focused on whatever the job throws at you.

“I’m privileged to be doing a job I really love. And there’s a real bonus of living and working in Argyll and Bute.”

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