Perhaps what matters most, if you’re planning to visit or settle here, is the welcome you’ll get in our communities.

Whether you opt for an island, a village or one of our towns, you’ll be made to feel like you belong.

This is a place where you matter. This is a place where you can make a difference.

Meet Cal and Claire - they're bringing one of our lovely old buildings back to life

What do you do when you accidentally buy a derelict building, in Sandbank, Dunoon, at auction? Cal and Claire at Jameswood Villa

If you’re Cal and Claire, you accept it as one of life’s adventure and soak up the positives of the beautiful scenery and welcoming local community, while getting down to some real, hard work.

Their purchase, Jameswood Villa, has been empty for 20 years, has gaping holes, exposed rotten timbers and subsidence. However, our intrepid young couple is committed to lovingly restoring it in an eco-friendly way, using reclaimed building material.

Clearing the land around the house, and emptying the house itself, has brought them into contact with what they describe as the ‘friendly’ staff at the local amenity site.

Claire says: “Cal and I have been overwhelmed by the friendly and warm welcome we have received from the Sandbank and Dunoon community. We love the almost daily ‘hellos’ get from neighbours passing by. Everyone is happy to stop for a chat and see how we are getting on.”

So if you are getting rid of old timbers, bathroom or kitchen units or anything you think could be upcycled, please get in touch with Cal and Claire. You can contact them, and follow their journey, on their blog.  https://whathavewedunoon.weebly.com/about.html

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