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Being a head teacher in Argyll and Bute

Peter Bain has been the head teacher at Oban High School for 11 years, but his duties recently stepped up a gear when he took on the additional responsibility of an island school.peter bain

When the head teacher at Tiree Primary and Secondary School left earlier this year, Argyll and Bute Council took the opportunity to look imaginatively at the leadership potential available, and link Tiree with Oban High, through the creation of an Executive Head position: appointing Peter to the role.

Talking about his job, and what teaching in Argyll and Bute means to him, Peter said: “I love my job, I love living here and I love the opportunities that teaching in Argyll and Bute provides.

“By working as the Head Teacher across a mainland and island school, it enables the schools to access shared resources and gives the young people in both schools wider experiences and more opportunities; sharing resources and learning environments to enhance the learning for all.”

“As the crow flies, Tiree is 69 miles from Oban but since it’s an island my visits there involve either flying direct from Oban Airport, or taking the ferry across, both of which offer equally stunning journeys.

“School leadership primarily focuses on daily discussions with staff and community partners to ensure we provide great learning opportunities. When in either school, we use extensive video conferencing to ensure effective management regardless of what school I am in; but more importantly we use IT and the establishment of a new visual learning experience programme to increase the curricular opportunities in both schools.

“I genuinely feel extremely lucky and privileged to work in such a beautiful, welcoming place. Argyll and Bute is truly breath-taking and the beaches on Tiree could easily be mistaken for being those in the Caribbean, albeit our temperature is a tad cooler – I have a great team of staff and pupils in both schools and I seriously couldn’t imagine teaching anywhere else.”

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