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Argyll and Bute - "the perfect place to work and raise my children"

Chris Doxsey relocated from Accrington to Argyll and Bute when he was offered a job as a PE teacher at Campbeltown Grammar School. Chris and family

“When I saw the post advertised I looked up the area online and couldn’t believe how beautiful it was,” he said. “I knew straight away it would be the perfect place to work and raise my children.”

The 35 year old has been living in Campbeltown for seven years and hasn’t looked back.

“Being a teacher here is fantastic. Not only do the pupils get to take part in traditional PE classes such as football, rugby, badminton, basketball, etc. they also get the opportunity to participate in a huge variety of outdoor sports that young people in more urban areas don’t necessarily get the opportunity to try.

“For example, we have miles upon miles of stunning beaches here, so pupils get to try their hand at a range of outdoor activities such as surfing, sailing, climbing, abseiling, the list goes on.

“My own children love living here too. Within five minutes of finishing work we can all be sitting on the shore having a BBQ, toasting marshmallows and swimming in the sea. Being a teacher in Argyll and Bute is great. It’s a fantastic way of life and I would recommend it to anyone.”

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