Cremation and Burial Fees

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Crematorium charges 2015 / 16
Child (under 16) No charge
Adults 16 years and over 523.20
Adults 16 years and over - Saturday 579.40
Additional Charge - Public Holiday 185.45
Clergy 64.30
Dispersal of Ashes 20.20
Casket - Purchase 44.45
Urn (plus carrier) - Purchase 20.20
Book of Remembrance (per line) 28.15
Small Book of Remembrance (2 Lines) 89.90
Small Book of Remembrance (5 Lines) 166.75
Small Book of Remembrance (8 Lines) 245.95
Small Book of Remembrance (Gilded Motif/Capital Letter) 60.00
Badges 45.60
Coat of Arms and Floral Motif 63.60
Retention of Ashes - per month 10.40
Chapel of Rest 34.00
Plaque - Single with inscription 155.95
Plaque - Double with single inscriptions 226.75
Plaque - Double with two inscriptions 287.95
Additional inscription 85.25
Use of Crematorium Chapel for a Burial Service 197.80
Memorial Kerbstone - (10 years) 194.40
Inscription for Kerbstone 7.20
Burial grounds charges 2015 / 16
*Interment/Re Opening Lair 503.30
Interment (Child under 16) No charge
Additional Charge - Interment on Saturday/Sunday or Public Holiday will incur this additional charge 187.30
Additional Charge - Burial of ashes on Saturday/Sunday or Public Holiday will incur this additional charge 53.05
*Burial of Cremated Remains 113.50
*Scattering of Ashes 87.75
*Purchase of Single Lair, incl maintenance 594.65
*Purchase of Double Lair, incl maintenance 1,189.25
*Purchase of Treble Lair, incl maintenance 1,783.85
*Lair for Casket only 121.75
*Woodland and Green Burial Service Burial Charge 503.30
*Woodland and Green Burial Service Standard Lair 1,189.30
Transfer of Title Deeds 32.25
Extract/Search Register (£13.20 to be paid in Advance for work up to half an hour) 18.15
Administration Fee for Return of Lair

10% of purchase price (90% returned)

Permission to erect Standard Memorial or one off design 97.70
Permission to erect semi recumbant book type memorial 48.65
Erection of plaques at Cemeteries (where consent granted) 48.65
Erection of inscribed memorial plaque (for previously unmarked graves) 163.90
Erection of Headstone (Tiree ONLY) 126.40
Exhumations (not including re interment) 538.55
Exhumations of Caskets (hourly rate) 35.75


* 100% to be added to interment/lair charges (except for the transfer of title deed) for non residents of Argyll & Bute with the following exemptions:   
1: - Clear proof that deceased lived permanently in Argyll & Bute within 10 years of death;         
2: - If the deceased person has been in long term residential care outwith the boundaries of Argyll & Bute Council, but was previously a resident of Argyll & Bute and was moved to such residential care at the behest of this, or a previous Local Authority;
3: - Any resident or former resident of Argyll & Bute who has died in the service of their country